Local Product, Proximity and Craftsman

From S'Hort de Cas Misser we approach our clients to the reality of the Mallorcan orchard. Our farm, in which the hotel is located, provides the fruit, vegetables and oil that makes up an authentic menu rooted in Mallorca. In this way, the visitor has the opportunity to taste jams and extra virgin olive oil Denomination of Origin Mallorca elaborated following traditional recipes transmitted from generation to generation for years.
Products that are not produced directly on the farm are provided by local artisans who make bread, cold meats and sobrasada following ancestral processing processes.

Local Culture and Heritage

The guest who visits S'Hort de Cas Misser, in addition to enjoying an unforgettable stay, is close to the cultural and patrimonial wealth of the island of Mallorca.
The team of S'Hort de Cas Misser will bring the visitor to the Serra de Tramuntana, the Mallorcan traditions, fairs and villages of the area and invite the guest to get lost on foot or by bicycle on the numerous routes that cross the Serra.

The team of S'Hort de Cas Missèr will be at your service and will become an exceptional guide that will accompany you in the discovery of the island of Mallorca, its customs, traditions, culture and nature.

Commitment and Social Action

S'Hort de Cas Misser contributes to alleviate the needs of groups at risk by supporting different social entities that, with their dedication and drive, seek to reduce social differences, access to basic needs and eradication of diseases.
Rotary Club, Congregation of Hermanitas de los Pobres in Palma, Mallorca Sense Fam and Fundació Deixalles are some of the entities that S'Hort de Cas Misser supports.

Environment and Surrounding

Quality tourism can only be sustainable from the perspective of respect for the natural environment. S'Hort de Cas Misser promotes its defense and protection through the responsible consumption of energy and water resources, making its customers aware of the need to protect the environment through direct involvement. In addition to efficient lighting systems and low consumption, flow reduction systems, the hotel promotes the selective collection of waste and continuous improvement processes in waste reduction and reduction of the hotel operation.