The hotel offers a "Luxury Concierge" service to attend all your requests. We offer: airport pick up service, massage services, yoga classes, horse riding, car rental service, bicycle rental service, boat and jet skis excursions, information on hiking routes.
Do not hesitate to contact us to attend your requests in order to make your stay a complete and unforgettable experience.
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Relax Massage – 60 min.

A gentle and relaxing head to toe massage with essential oils that are absorbed through the skin & activating the blood circulation.

Sport Massage – 60 min.

Decontracting massage for muscle relaxation and contracture release that are produced by stress, exercise excess, wrong postures, rest lack or sedentary lifestyle.

Swedish Massage – 60 min.

This type of massage brings reinforcement to muscles and joints as well as releasing tensions. Its tonifying and relaxing effect helps to increase blood and lymph circulation and works as a detox treatment. It also helps the body to find its own balance.

Yoga Class – 60 min.

Hatha Yoga is known for its practice of body postures which provide firmness and elasticity. Haha Yoga is characterized by a gentle transition between one asana and the next. We must not forget at any moment the breathing control and the capacity to rest in a meditative state during the practice. Peace and mental clarity are some of its benefits among others.

Physiotherapy – 60 min.

Physiotheraphy is a health discipline that offers a non pharmacological therapeutic alternative for diagnose, prevention and treatment for multiple illness, either acute or chronic, by therapeutic exercise, manual techniques, electricity and so on.